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 LA CAKE push cart

la cake push cart

The 2nd Generation P.U.S.H. all-glass tank is a new version of our original all-glass cartridge. It has a wide body style and a high grade 100% glass design. It is the first of its kind in the market. Provide extra-long tip is design to optimize airflow and provide a bong-like rip, enhancing the overall experience.

We offer a range of strains to choose from, including Indica strains like Grape Soda and BlueBerry Kush, Sativa strain Tropicana Cookies, and Hybrid strains LA Cake and Ice Cream Gorilla. Each strain offers a unique flavor profile and effects, providing a customize experience for the user.

If you’re interested in trying our products, you can purchase them online. Our cartridges are popular among those who want to feel like they are getting high on an island in a tropical paradise, thanks to the variety of delicious terpene flavors available. We   provide safe and popular products, and our packaging reflects this commitment. It’s always important to look for the seal on our products, which means that they have been verified for quality and safety.

Cake disposable carts do not contain nicotine. They contain only two plant-base ingredients that have been in the lab test: full-spectrum distillate and terpenes. These vape pens contain zero to 0.3% THC.


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